Respect for the environment

The project pursued by Tiarè aims to enhance the production of fabrics made from sustainable yarns with reduced environmental impact, entrusting the finishing stages to a supply chain that shares the same ethical values and sustainability principles.



All the company’s innovation processes have been designed and implemented with a view to ‘sustainability‘, focusing on the containment of energy consumption, attention to the working environment and, last but not least, the interconnection of the companies’ activities with the social fabric of the territory in which we operate.

Tiarè has obtained the ‘Global Organic Textile Standard’ (GOTS) certificate, which certifies silk and cotton from organic farms or crops, and the ‘Global Recycling Standard’ (GRS) certification.

codice etico tiare

Code of Ethics

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Sustainability Report 2022

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codice condotta fornitori

Supplier Code of Conduct

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Production of sustainable yarns

In addition to the use of silk, which has always been a resource compatible with sustainable development, Tiarè has reconverted the production of most polyester fabrics. With a view to limiting its environmental impact, it has almost entirely turned to the use of yarns obtained from recycled PET bottles, while maintaining the characteristics of the final fabric.