About us

Silk fabric production

Tiarè is a textile company specialising in the production of silk fabrics.

Most of the products are produced at the in-house weaving mill, which boasts many years of experience, guaranteeing a high-end Made in Italy product and a controlled supply chain from weaving to finishing.

Tiarè team

Artisan savoir faire

Tiarè team provides its customers with all the knowledge gained from many years’ experience in the company. The objectives are to maximise creativity, improve quality, perfect service and product conformity to agreed standards.

We have historically collaborated with a number of brands from the big fashion groups, building on our craftsmanship know-how, which we can now combine with an ‘industrial’ organisation that is sensitive to all the important projects for our customers.

High-quality materials

Fabrics ready to start living

The elegance, refinement and lustre of our fabrics comes from the use of fine yarns. Our products enchant and surprise with the emotional quality of their surface.
Shaped, packaged and cut to perfection, they are ready to start living.